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We have almost 20 years of experience in design of baby clothing. Since day one,  providing garments of highest quality is our priority.

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Clothes for babies and children

Ewa Collection is a well established pioneer in the area of production of garments designed for kids and  newborns.  To ensure the best quality of our products, we create them from 100% cotton coming from the best Polish sources. This contributed to the ultimate comfort and safety experienced when wearing our clothes.

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Even the smallest items such as ornaments, embroidery  and fasteners, protect the sensitive skin of children. Our collection includes clothes tailored to the needs of kids of all ages. Jackets, T-shirts , body, sleepers, clowns, bibs, gloves and caps are all manufactured with the highest care, ensuring the best experience with first adventures of changing and swaddle newborns.

Our classic and versatile set for your newborn consisting of a jerkin and sleepyhead, can work not only as underwear , but also as an elegant formal clothing. We offer  a wide selection of fashionable and colourful exclusive baby garments such as: tracksuits, pants, dresses, blouses, tunics, winter hats, sweaters, dressing gowns.

In order to ease our customers access to  Ewa Collection products, we run online store where you can check our up to date offers. Buying from us, give you  guarantee of the highest quality products at  attractive prices.